Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) EFT is based on the ancient principles of Acupuncture, but without the needles! The technique was developed by Gary Craig in 1990 and its origin is based on the principles from acupuncture and psychology. It involves tapping along the meridian lines allowing the release and healing of emotional and physical ills, negative thoughts and memories. The energy meridians become realigned freeing the mind and body, allowing the healing process to complete. Side of Hand Eyebrow Side of Eye Under Eye Under Nose Chin Collar Bone Under Arm Top of Head
Hypnosis A treatment includes a natural deep state of relaxation which is both therapeutic and rejuvenating; a guided meditation through which a person’s unconscious mind is encouraged to make positive changes. The role of the Hypnotherapist is to guide you safely along that journey, to help you achieve your true potential in life. Each patient is unique with a very individual need. Hypnosis is a reconditioning of the unconscious to a positive outcome, previously discussed and agreed between patient and practitioner. Help with Anxiety, Fear & Anger Help with Depression & Hopelessness Reduce Stress, Pain & Phobias Stop Smoking Gain Confidence & Self Esteem Achieve a Positive Mind Overcome Technology Addiction Become More Relaxed Overcome Food Intolerances Reduce Weight through Healthy Diets Get Help with Dementia
Animal Magic Animal Magic is a technique developed by Sandi that is proving a great hit with everyone. Sandi’s therapy will help with Dementia, Alzheimer’s, Anxiety, Depression and Loneliness; her furry friends will create good feelings within everyone, bringing fun and laughter to everyone. By listening and watching our magic furry dogs and cats, we are creating laughter, an air of calmness and tranquillity, a relaxing atmosphere for all involved, cheering spirits and leaving everyone happier and more content.
Reiki Courses Sandi teaches Reiki First, Second & Master Teacher Degrees . Start by learning the principles and history of Reiki, one-to one basis or in a group, about meditation and how to tune into opening the Chakras. You will receive a Reiki attunement and practise your new skills, enjoying the feelings of this wonderful healing energy. You will leave with a beautifully illustrated Reiki First Degree manual to remind you, and a 21-day cleansing cycle to help you towards your Reiki Second Degree. In Reiki Second Degree, we learn more about the seven major Chakras, meditation and how to balance the Chakras using a pendulum. We will cover Reiki principles in full with the Initiation of the Three Sacred Symbols, the circulating of Ki, Distant and Animal Healing. You will receive a further Reiki attunement and and have the opportunity to practise your additional skills, again enjoying the feelings of this wonderful healing energy. You will leave with a Second Degree Manual and Certificate to add to your collection.


Reiki is a process through which you can experience silence and a quiet mind. Reiki meditative energy is healing and loving and is one of the primary traditional healing systems. You remain in control at all times through your subconscious mind. You will enjoy a full Reiki treatment surrounded by the energy of Chakras crystals where you can drift off to wonderful places as your body feels the Reiki healing effects. There will be a medicinal tea made especially to help you relax; home-made organic Vegan foods to energise you for your homeward journey and a bottle of flower essences to remind you or your day and to keep that good feeling going until your next visit to my Retreat.
History of Reiki Reiki is an ancient method of hands on healing where the Reiki practitioner channels the Universal life force energy (natural energy) through the patient. Developed during the last century by Dr Mikao Usui, a Professor of Theology in Japan who spent his life practising and teaching. This positive energy clears away negative blockages built up within the system which would otherwise cause unnecessary stress and ill health, allowing a free flow of renewed energy. It enables the body to continue its own natural healing process, resulting in a more balanced, healthy and energised mind and body. Reiki flows to the area of need, soothing the nervous system, relieving stress, easing pain and discomfort, simple leaving a feeling of warmth and renewed energy.
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Therapies & Courses
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My Retreat…..for a better quality life

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My Retreat …..for a better quality life